Training Awards

Square Knots – Meaning and Placement

The square knot device is displayed on the uniform to denote that the wearer has received the
corresponding award. The award is usually in the form of a certificate and many awards also include a
medallion or other momento.

A knot emblem does have left and right sides. The rope loop over the rope ends always is to the wearer’s
right. The diagram here shows how the knots would look to someone looking at the shirt. The knot images on
the rest of this page all show the correct knot direction.

The square knots are to be worn centered directly above the left shirt pocket. The first knot should be
placed with its bottom edge touching the top seam of the pocket flap. The next two knots are placed on both
sides of the first knot in a straight row of three knots. Additional knots are placed directly above the
first row with bottom edge touching top edge of the existing knots.

From the diagram, you can see that as additional knots are earned, single and double knots on a row need to
be resewn. For this reason, some people prefer to place knots right-justified with the pocket edge.