Scouting at Home

SCOUTside Summer Series

Look for  posts, links, recipes, videos, and activities focused for all ages to enjoy this summer. Get Scouting outside this summer.
Article 1: The Night Sky

Summer’s long nights are the perfect time to see the stars. May 2 was National Astronomy Day. Lay a blanket outside on clear nights with this printable star guide and see how many constellations you find. Don’t miss the Space X Launch happening May 30 at 2:22pm

Episode 1: Blueberries

Gather the family and head to a U-Pick or Pick Your Own farm. They can be found all over Alabama. It is a farm where the customer harvests their own food. This is known as farm-to-table. Sampling is generally allowed while out on the fields, the business charges customers by the weight of produce they have picked.

SCOUTside Summer Series Episode 1

Find a U-Pick or Pick Your Own (PYO) farm in your area

Blueberry Cobbler recipe          Dump Cake Recipe            Preserves Recipe

Virtual Merit Badge Series

June and July

Sponsored by the Mobile County Commission in support of youth registered in the Mobile Area Council. Sponsorship includes merit badge and card mailed to the scout once all requirements have been completed. Blue card can be emailed to Bernadette for completion confirmation.

All June merit badges are full. Look for a Constant Contact email later this month for July’s merit badge opportunities. 

Scouts BSA Merit Badges That Can Be Done at Home*

*Make sure to get your Scoutmaster’s approval before starting any merit badge.  Some requirements warrant an outing or visit with professional. Virtual interviews and tours must be verified with your Scoutmaster or may be done at a later time.

30 Day Cub Scout  Rank Challenge

Download the pdf of your child’s current rank. Scouts love activities and doing those activities with family is what makes Scouting a family affair.

Lion Challenge

Tiger Challenge

Wolf Challenge

Bear Challenge

Webelos Challenge

Digital Day Camp

Scouts from the Greater Alabama Council are featured in these 30 minute videos that present young scouts with orienteering, crafts, snack, and quick science lessons.

Day 1           Day 2               Day 3              Day 4                 Day 5

30 Day Scouts BSA & Sea Scouts Skills and Advancement Challenge

All Activities must be approve by your Scoutmaster. Please show your work- Worksheets, pictures, video, etc.  

Scoutmaster Conference are possible using video conferencing. Units can administer BORs up to and including Life rank. Follow the The Guide to Advancement.

Sea Scout Challenge

Scout Rank

Tenderfoot Rank

Second Class

First Class

The core of Cub Scout advancement consists of “Adventures” in each Cub Scout Handbook (if you don’t have a handbook yet, you can order from the BSA ScoutShop).  To help den leaders and adult family members deliver these Adventures, there are a variety of resources including Den Leader Guides with activity plans for each Adventure.  All of the 95 Adventure plans and resources are available at this site.  There are pages for each of BobcatLionTigerWolfBearWebelos and Arrow of Light, and within those pages, separate “Adventure by Adventure” pages of ideas for when families lead an Adventure.  


Science, technology, engineering, and math have never been so much fun, especially when they join forces with Scouting! With families spending more time at home together, STEM Scouts brings fun and educational activities for kids to enjoy. STEM Scouts offers all kinds of free resources and activities so kids can perform exciting experiments, watch cool videos, and more.

Watch and Learn

Check out tons of experiment videos on the STEM Scouts YouTube channel, then try them out for yourself with an adult. Learn about even more STEM topics with these cool videos from STEM Scouts of Central Texas.

Younger kids:

Here are some STEM activities geared toward a younger audience from the Greater St. Louis Area Council. If your child also happens to be a Cub Scout, these also serve as great service projects and rank activities!

Older kids:

The STEM Nova Awards program was developed to excite and expand a sense of wonder in Scouts. Explore the basic principles of STEM through modules and discover how fun and fascinating STEM can be. Learn more about this recognition here.

Happen to have a 3D printer? Take a look at this template from Budmen Industries’ face mask template here.

Looking for more?

Check out more recommended resources from the STEM Scouts team here, and find even more websites for kids here. Then, head over to to learn more about the program today. Just remember that experiments require adult supervision—which means you might just learn something new together!