Scouting for Food

Scouting For Food - A National Good Turn for America
Who helps make Scouting for Food possible?
Our Scouts, their friends and family, as well as our corporate partners that include local groceries and Feeding the Gulf Coast Food Bank.
What is Scouting for Food?
Scouting for Food is the nation’s largest single-day food drive which began as a Scout’s service project in St. Louis in 1985 and was adopted by the National Organization in 1988.
Where does the donated food go?
Bags filled with canned goods and other non-perishable items are delivered to a designated location where volunteers sort and box food to be delivered. Your donated food will help feed people in Mobile, Baldwin, Clarke and Washington Counties.
Why do we participate in Scouting for Food?
As an organization, the Boy Scouts of America teaches youth the value of helping others and to give back to their communities. By collecting food for people in need, Scouts are fulfilling the Scout Oath and Slogan of “doing a good turn daily” and “helping other people.”
Spring 2020 Scouting for Food 

As everyone knows, these are trying times in our nation and local area. The COVID-19 pandemic has left many people without jobs or income. Children are out of school and some families may be struggling to provide three meals each day on a limited income. As always, Scouts have an opportunity to assist with this issue. The Mobile Area Council has partnered with Feeding the Gulf Coast to bring you Spring 2020 Scouting for Food. This is very similar to fall Scouting For Food, but some changes have been made due to the current pandemic. However the overall goal is the same, to collect food for families in need across the Gulf Coast. Please read the instructions below if you choose to participate. Please read over everything carefully as some things have changed.

Bag Pick Up

If you and your family would like, you are welcome to come pick up scouting for food bags at the council office during the following days and times below. This is optional and if you do not want to pick up bags, you may use your own bags or whatever you have on hand to collect your food. 

Mondays/Wednesdays/Fridays: 10-12 pm. 

Tuesdays/Thursdays: 9-12 pm. 

The bags will be placed on the front porch of the council office so no contact will need to be made with any council employees. We encourage the use of gloves and a mask (if you have them) when leaving your home and picking up bags. Please only come to pick up bags with family members from your immediate household. Do not meet as a unit for this activity. 

Although this is scouting for food, some things have changed due to the current situation and we are not encouraging scouts to ring doorbells and leave bags on doors as is done in fall scouting for food. Scouts can collect food from their own homes or any way that enforces social distancing. We are not encouraging any scouts to be in group settings or come in contact with anyone other than their immediate family. Word can be spread through social media; encouraging family, neighbors, classmates, coworkers, friends and people of the community to donate any spare food they may have. The items must be non-perishable.  

If anyone who is not directly involved in scouting would like to participate and donate food, they will need to follow the same drop off times outlined above.


Drop Off of Food at Feeding the Gulf Coast Instructions:

Once you are ready to drop your collected food off, you may come to Feeding the Gulf Coast on the following days and times to drop off your donation. Food will not be collected at any other day or time other than the time allotted below. 

April 30th and May 1st: both days between 8:30 and 3 pm. 

There will be a large black container outside of the building for you to drop your donation off. Please place your donation into the container. We also recommend wearing a mask and gloves if you have them available. Please practice social distancing when dropping off food and do not drop off with anyone other than your immediate household members. You will not need to come in contact with any FTGC employees during this. Once the food is collected, it will be taken in and sanitized before being distributed.


Feeding The Gulf Coast Address and Directions:

Address: 5248 Mobile South St, Theodore Alabama, 36582. 

Depending on which way you come from, FTGC is located almost directly off of I-10. When exiting I-10, look for the Waffle House. Turn on the side road next to the Waffle House. This will take you down a long road past some industrial buildings. You will see Mobile South St, this is the street FTGC is located on. It is a large building with trucks parked out front and a sign. 


Thank you to everyone participating in this activity. We appreciate every scout and scout leader coming out to help make the community a better place and help those in need. 

Feel free to take photos and spread the word through social media. And have fun giving back! 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact: