Camp Cards


The Camp Card campaign is designed to help Scouts earn their way to Boy Scout summer camp, Cub Scout/ Webelos Scout resident camp, Cub Scout day camp or Boy Scout winter camp. Units participating in this program will earn 40% commission ($2.00) for each $5.00 Camp Card they sell. The sale will begin at your February District Roundtable (February 7th) and end on your May Roundtable (May 2nd) giving units plenty of time to sell Camp Cards and close out their accounts.

This program is RISK FREE, simply return any unsold cards with your unit settlement on or before your May Roundtable (May 2nd). Camp Cards will be distributed based on the units past sales history. For units selling for the first time, your camp card distribution will be based on the size of your unit.

Greer’s Markets/ CashSaver, and many other businesses have offered generous one-time discounts that make the sale of this Camp Card “Easy to Sell.” Take advantage of this partnership to help your Scouts go to camp.

CAMP CARD: There are two different cards that have great discounts for vendors specific to their areas. All Camp Cards are to be sold for $5.00 each and the discounts can be used only once! Each Scout should receive 10 cards to start. (More are available through your District Executive or at the Council Office).

EVERY UNIT: Is encouraged to develop their own prize plan in addition to the rewards plan the council provides. This will increase competition among the Scouts and increase your commission!

RETURNS: All remaining Camp Cards must be turned in with your money settlement on or before your May 2, 2019 District Roundtable. Due to the Camp Card Sales Plan & Process, ALL Camp Cards MUST be accounted for.

If your sale is complete before the May 2, 2019 Roundtable, please turn in your cards and money to your DE or Council Office. (Please do not hold on to cards if your sale is over. Return them to the Council Office for other units to attempt to sell.)

COMMISSION: The unit receives a 40% commission on each card sold as long as settlement is on or before your May District Roundtable (May 2th). After your May Roundtable, your commission will drop to 30%. On the Monday after your May Roundtable (May 6th), your commission will drop to 20%.

REWARDS: All Unit Rewards Reports are to be submitted to the council (see the Unit Rewards Report Form instructions) by your May 2, 2019 Roundtable.

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