Virtual Resident Camp

Virtual Resident Camp applies to all Cub Scout ranks- Lion, Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Webelos, Arrow of Light

June 29-August 31, 2020
“For Cub Scouts, the BSA will allow parents and other adults in the Cub Scout’s family to sign off on Webelos and Arrow of Light requirements through July 31, 2020….Cub Scouts can continue to work on their current den’s advancement through July 31, 2020. This gives extra time for Cub Scouts to complete their badge of rank; if they earn their badge of rank prior to July 31, 2020, they may advance to the next rank.”

Mobile Area Council is hosting Cub Scout Virtual Resident Camp! The enthusiastic leaders you love at camp will be your guide for rank adventures and electives, for you to view from home. Cub Scout Resident Camp is at YOUR house this year!

Online registration is the only form of registration we have for this event. We know who participated to receive a free patch, paid for through a grant from the Mobile County Commission in support of registered Cub Scouts in the Mobile Area Council.


Directors’ Introduction to Virtual Resident Camp
Videos, Tutorials, Songs & Other Resources  (Available until August 31)

Flag Ceremonies (Raising & Lowering flags)

Webelos Walkabout-  Powerpoint (with Sound)


Resources & More
New Content

We will add new advancement content to keep your Scout active this summer. Check out this page weekly to see what’s new. There will be a date next to the new post to keep you on track.

*If your Cub has finished the 2019-2020 rank with these videos, get their new rank book and start working on advancement  this summer for the 2020-21 Scouting Year!

Directors Wrap up Virtual Resident Camp